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Knitting plans! Devy's grad photos. Clean house. Bought enough wool to make Devy and me a sweater... well that's the plan.  I haven't knit since I was in high school, so hopefully, I will follow through and complete the work... but the pattern looks complicated, and I need to get knitting needles! This is supposed to be my attempt at a hobby... time will tell.  Maybe I will use the 30 odd balls of wool to make a bunch of scarves!

Devy got his Engineering grad photos taken today. I hope he graduates in May next year 2015, and is able to get all his courses done... on the waiting list for one course.

Still trying to clean this darn house. Almost got all the patio cushions washed, and re-stuffed into their covers. Now, just have to clean out the hall closet so I can get under the stairs to put the cushions away... lots of cushions!  At the same time, I should take out the bags of mom's photos and put them elsewhere.