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Committe Meeting Results:  1) Discussed the good news that Abel Acuna posted on fb that the mariachi group from his school would perform at the next family reunion; 2)  Discussed a post by Pam Acuna stating she has not been invited to the secret family group.  To avoid this kind of criticism /dissent we need to make effort to invite everyone.  Rene was asked to invite all of his family friends.  Olga said she would invite Pam since she has her as a friend; 3) Rene discussed the California fires in California and reaching out to Pura Acuna Garcia   She told him family there is fine.  We again discussed the importance of creating the address book online.  Both Rene and Olga said they would work on this.  Olga had the wrong login data for this address book and after correcting her she was able to login.