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Committee Meeting Results:  Olga was unable to meet cuz she was shopping and had decorating to do later that day.  Rene and Ted decided to hold meeting anyway and discussed the importance of commitment to holding meetings when scheduled.  Rene will discuss this with Olga.  Committee decided the following:  1)  Discussed further whether spouses of Acuna members should be invited to FB group since they have a big influence on enthusiasm to attending the reunion.  Decided to table this to next meeting.  2)  Briefly discussed that Address book database has not been worked on and that this is needed to mail out Newsletter to those not on FB.  Tabled this topic to next meeting.  3)  Discussed idea of Introducing Ourselves on FB.  Decided to go ahead with this with initial request made by Ted for two family members to introduce themselves. 4)Discussed why so many invited have not joined the fb group page.  Decided that we need to f/up by calling or texting or emailing those invited to alert them to do so.