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had a nice sleep last is just a little hummid but definitely bearable!got up and asked about paragliding.we have decided to finally do it here..

we got a taxi to the flying point at 2..wind was well up when we got there.sarah went 1st and as soon as she took all became very calm so she didnt get much of a flight..she had to land off from the landing point in a field full of cows..very funny-she was only up for about 10 mins...

we waited a bit and then i got my go...lucky there were some termals so we got some height so i got to see the city, the waterfalls and some other really pretty scenery along the way.i was up for 20 mins..and got to land where we started so we didnt have to walk anywhere..very happy wit that!lazy or what eh!ha..then sarah took a turn again to see if she could go..but luck wasnt on her side and down she went again..haha

andrea didnt get to try so we are gonna head back 2moro to try again...paragliding is a very calm sport but a nice one too.