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so my last day in the states today..and i didnt wake up the freshest head ever...but i was still gonna be active especially on the last andy worked in the morning wit a head on him but he still did it..fair play.i had a lie in and then we decided to rent out bikes and take a tour along the canal to the waterfront and back again.we were gone for about 2 definitely cleared my head and it was good fun.again i didnt eat beforehand so by the time i was at the end..i was starving....and the best thing about it all was that i got to have shepherds pie in the cheesecake factory and cheesecake so nice..i even got the extra large portion and that, in the states, is absolutely huge..we watched the superbowl in the i learned all the rules about american football.god they stop alot in the process..but it is an extremely long game so i understand the reasoning..i have a bit more of a clue now.

didnt do much else for the day...andy went back to work..i packed and then he sent me to a hotel for the night...on i got to stay in luxury for my last night in the states..very nice...watched the end of the superbowl but unfortunately the cardinals lost in the last few minutes.felt sorry for them cos they were the underdogs but it was good to watch..headed to bed at 11.exhausted from the weekend but very satisfied.had to be up at 5am the next fun...