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up for our last morning in tulum...another crappy is so bad cos of the it is quite boring...but we have decided to leave and go to cancun which leads on to isla mujeres... only a 2hour bus journey and we got to the port. took half an hour to get there. bit choppy but we were happy to be leaving is not a very nice place.... so we have arrived at our hostel and have met about 10 people that we know from the other is like a little community at this stage. we took a walk along the beach to check it out and met a few mexican mariners who asked could they take our picture which was slightly odd but we went along with it anyway. so they took our picture,chatted for a while and then left them to it. it is apparently marine day today so the president was over to congratulate them on their achievement. Their life seems so closed off... the beach is nice here but the weather aint so we will see what we can do for the next few days.lets hope that the weather gets better....