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tommy arrived this morning so sarah went to collect him in the airport at about 10...andrea slept very little cos the guy in our room was up and down out of bed every kinda scary sharing a room wit him cos u dont know what heŽll do next.

so we left the hostel at 1pm and went for brunch.we got tickets to go see the boca game on a tour so we left wit the hostel and tommy and sarah at 4...we went to a local bar first for some beer and pizza...i got a jersey and then we headed into the stadium.this time we were wit all the locals so we were right in the middle of the a different viewpoint and it was probably better cos the quality of the game was really bad..they were playing against a team called huaracan..i kinda wanted them to win at the end but boca scored 3 goals in the last 10 mins so final score was 3-1.last 10 mins were the best of the game..but it was lashing rain for the whole thing...we had shelter thank god.the tour was a rip off compared to the actual price of the tickets but it is apparently too dangerous to go alone...glad i got to see a boca game at last though.

got back to san telmo at 10 and we went for some food in a local bar..bed at 12...weirdo wasnt in the room thank god..