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went to bed at 5ish yesterday and it was freezing..did not even sleep 5 was too cold and too windy!annoying...i panicked too.had to climb to the top of this volcano if it was the last thing i did!

took some immodium so as not to have any toilet issues cos we were on a volcano wit no toilets arund..obviously..

how and ever..turns out that the food from yesterday didnt agree wit me and 15 mins after starting our trek..i had to stop the group so i could run off and do no happened 15 mins this stage ..i thought that i should just go down but when the guide heard it was just a stomach problem he told me i should keep goin...i went for it so....took another immodium and it worked..doesnt save me from the embarrassment of being in a group of just guys!!!haha

we trekked from 2am and reached the summit at was one of the hardest things that i ever had to do...6075metres above aint easy to breathe up there!we took some pics when we got to the top....5 of the 7 of us made it..not many ppl make it to the top..i did it wit no very impressed wit myself.haha

it only took 3 hours to get down...but it was still tough..especially when u are walkin on ash from the volcano..dont work though it hasnt erupted in over 1000years!haha

got back to camp at our stuff cleared up and were back in the hostel for 1!the girls were out last night so they werent up to much.thank god cos i can barely walk now..heading the cinema 2nite me thinks...then lima 2moro...