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up early this morning...8am...was tired still from the last 2 weeks....tough work drinkin.haha...

we left to go sandboardin at 9...small breakie and bottle of water....we got to the desert and had to climb the hill to get to where we would sandboard....we were all completely out of breath when we got to the top...

the boards were made of wood so we had to wax it up every time we went down..we got down to the bottom alright but sometimes it was quite slow and after 2 hours i was wrecked and bored.especially cos the guide had a toothache and was actually asleep at the top of the hill...mister motivator eh!!haha

we got back at 1 and we have decided to go to bolivia 2moro...apparently the interent is bad there so im not sure when im gonna be on this again!!!