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ended up being a mental night last lashed rain and there was thunder and lightning but that didnt stop us. we were waitin for a taxi but there were we met a bodyguard who was leaving his client off and saw us. he brought us to the surf tournament and looked after us for the night.niamh held his gun...bit nuts but we were enjoying being vips for the night so we didnt complain. the surf tournament was mental...cant believe there are ppl who would surf when they cant see big rocks in front of them and there is thunder and lightning...but there are ppl around. we stayed there for a bit and then headed into home at about 2 and i took to the swimming pool with ailise...probably wasnt the best idea but was fun at the time. got to bed near 3 and had a nice lie in today. just takin it easy for the day and have no plans. first day of rest from surfing..i nearly miss it. tomorrow we are heading to turtle island to celebrate andreas bday. hope it is good.