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possibly the most lazy day so far here in guatemala..we had to sit inside all day long cos vicky and michelle both had to work....we sat around and ate more or less...popcorn,crisps and cake...not very healthy...we got to see some dvds too but the boredom was almost too much for me.....we were ready to crack....more so is funny how u get used to doing what u want when you are travelling by yourself...vicky is very overprotective and doesnt want anything bad to happen to us...which is very cute too...i cant say anything bad cos guatemala city is a very dangerous place... the mother came home around 1 and brought home 6 huge pizzas...she felt bad for leaving us at home doing nothing..they are actually the sweetest family ever!!!we had a vodka with the pizzas...not typical but we were a bit bored.haha... we took a tour around guatemala city in the evening from the car of course...haha...saw the palace,the mini eifel tower, the plaza and fountains...she also took us on a tour of the shanty towns...very very poor here... decided to go for a few drinks 2nite which wasnt the wisest idea ever since we were leavin for rio dulce at 4am....we were supposed to be home from the bar at 11.30 but it turned out to be closer to 2... we went to an irish pub..which didnt serve guinness so i informed them that they couldnt call themselves an irish pub!!!after that we went to a nightclub where u could only get in if u knew the owner..michelles friend did so we got in...this was definitely a taste of the rich side of guatemala..they have huge extremes here..the ppl are either so so rich or poor...sometimes i think i prefer the poor side.... we danced the night away which wasnt my cup of tea as we all know that i am not a big dancer!!!i am learnin was good fun but i wish we picked a different night to do that... got to bed at 2...