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we took the flight at problems.the flight was a bit bumpy but no turbulance like the last time.we got back to buenos aires and i let mam have a lie down for a bit.paula went to get her hair done and i headed to the internet for a bit.andrea was between the 2.

we headed to a tango show in the evening where the food was included. we got a good discount from the hostel but as a whole it was quite a disappointment cos it was too touristy as a whole. the meal wasnt too bad but we were put sitting with a brazilian woman who barely spoke english or spanish and no one even asked us if this was the show started at 9pm and there was a bit of acting 1st..this was really funny but the whole crowd was a bit dull.i guess it being a tuesday it wasnt the craziest night to go to a tango show..from there we were brought into the room for the tango show.there were 3 groups of dancers who were brilliant but there were also 2 singers who just never seemed to get off the stage.the musicians were great too but again the singers were just on too long.the show lasted about an hour and a half and we got home before midnight.we were all exhausted from all the goings still glad that we went to a tango show though.