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we got to bed at 1 last night and none of us slept very well.turns out the cheap price for the hotel was too good to be true and it should have been 30 instead of 15 pesos per never turns out the way we want it..however it is still a good price... got up early today cos we were goin on the wine tour in the vineyards of mendoza...we presumed that the price was all inclusive but when we got to the 1st vineyard...and had our tour and tried 3 wines....we found out that it actually wasnt included in the price we paid...we were not impressed. there were a group of english girls who gave their bikes back and decided not to continue with the tour cos they were told that it was all included...we just went along wit it... after that vineyard..we went to an olive farm and tasted the nicest olive oil and sun dried tomatoes that ive ever had (i havent tasted alot.he)..then to another vineyard which was much more impressive and was in existence since 1849...we tried 4 wines there. my fave was a sherry type wine...cos it was the sweetest and was like a still not getting used to the taste of wine but i am trying.jejeje... after the 2nd vineyard we had lunch on the side of the road wit our bikes as tables...very entertaining for a passerby but it was really sunny and the sandwich was tasty.jeje we continued on to the last stop ...bum was quite sore at this stage...we went to a chocolate, sauce, jam and liquor place...the liquor was supposed to be like baileys but my throat burned as i tasted was a very strange mixture of food..good to try but wouldnt advise the mix... we got back to mendoza at 6 and are heading to cordoba 2nite..we are told it is party central so we will see how that fares when we get there...hahaha