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had a dvd night last night and headed to bed early.we were up at 6.30 this morning cos today is andrea´s bday and we are goin to turtle island to celebrate. we were picked up at 7 and went for breakie..spent that reminiscing on old times and growing up together. we have been friends for over 15 years now...mental eh.breakie was typical costa rican style..rice and beans with fried banana and scrambled wasnt as horrible as it sounds. we got to the port at 9 and reached the island an hour and a half later. it is actually like a tropical island. no houses..just 1 family and a beach. they even had to set up a toilet when they arrived cos there wasnt one there. we went banana boating..great fun..except i clashed heads wit sarah when i fell off..lucky we had helmets on. sarah had a bit of trouble gettin on the boat but it made it all the more funnier. that was 20 mins of fun.. then we had lunch...buffet style and we made a special request for happy bday to be sung to andrea by the local musicians to her...i was even embarrassed for her when she was dragged up in front of everyone.haha. in the afternoon we messed around in the water a bit and then i got myself involved in a soccer match wit the crew on board. it was so hard to play with them in the heat and in the deep sand.i stood my ground though...was great fun..being the only girl playin was a bit embarrassing... we headed back to punta arena at 3 and got back home at 7. we headed out to buy andrea a cake to surprise her. we got a chocolate one(her fave) and gave it to the security guard to give it to her so she would get it at the door. he brought it up..she got a pleasant surprise but he didnt even light the candles..dont think it is the norm here..haha... we watched happy feet for the evening. exhausted after a really really enjoyable day.