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it rained for the whole afternoon yesterday as u know and when leaving the hostel to get the bus to the ferry i slipped and fell on the marble steps and landed on my arm. i thought it was broken but i moved my fingers and knew that it wasnt...buenos aires isnt able to cope wit heavy is obvious that it doesnt happen often here.. so anyway made it to the ferry ok and checked myself in...met a nice man to entertain on the ferry and watched the brazil italy footie only took an hour to get there.then id 2 and a half hours on a bus to get to montevideo..the capital of uruguay.this is the 1st place im officially on my one to go and see this time.i got to the hostel at 11.30pm..the place was covered wit ppl but i was too tired so i just headed to bed. up at 10 this morning..missed breakie..but headed to the beach.i got an hour in the sun before it started i went into a shopping mall to have a look around... in the evenin i went wit 2 canadians to an open air concert...was good fun.had done 12km run beforehand so my legs were a bit tired at this to bed just after 12...