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up at 3.30am to get the bus to rio dulce and flores.... i felt like death gettin up...i only had 2 drinks the night before but the fact that the night before was only an hour and a half beforehand made it all the harder for me...haha... as soon as i got on the bus i was conked out!!we got to rio dulce at 9am...the heat was something else...especially in a pair of jeans...we took a boat along the river...i definitely think that lago atitlan is nicer than rio had nothing really to offer...there was a castle which was surrounded by the river...we took a tour of that but cos of the heat and the tiredness i think i heard about 2 words that the guide said...snore!!!felt sorry for him cos we were exactly enthusiastic and he was a nice guy... the tour lasted around an hour and we got back to the van to continue on to flores...another 3 hours...but the lovely minibus man installed videos in the bus so we watched dvds along the way...i lied...i fell asleep again..... we got to flores at about 2 in the afternoon...myself and ailise have already been here...not stayin the pervy hotel this time though so it was better...we took another boat journey to get to the viewpoint of la isla in lago del peten...the view was really nice and even better cos the sun was setting ...we are unsure whether flores is man made island or is extremely nice all the same.... we continued our boat trip to a small zoo..i love zoos...jeje...we saw some deers, rabbits, crocodiles, monkeys, pumas, jaguars, smelly pigs and some was good fun...woke me up a bit.... we went out for a meal in the alcohol tonight...all to bed at 11...everyone was wrecked!!!