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missed my blog last night.we had a tequila party last night so i didnt get to the internet. the mexicans love their tequila. still was in bed at 12 though. on 10th may we went to the piramids in the north of mexico. the names are hard to remember but i think it was teotihucan. the heat of the day and climbing the piramids was quite difficult but we did it...we´re hardcore.haha.. today is a day to relax...this is so different to life at home. i think we´re just takin it easy today. have to catch a bus at 9oclock tonight. 12 hour bus journey to the beach...puerto´s supposed to be a surfers we´re gonna try some surfing.should be fun. i wanna become an expert before the year is out. dunno if ill get to the internet as much though because the hostel here in mexico city has free internet...hence why ive been so good.... ;-)