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got a little bit more of a lie in today.headed off for the canyoning at there in less than an hour so no boring bus journey...the waterfall wasnt as high as i expected but it was still quite scary coming down the waterfall ...wouldnt be the safest thing to do especially when the guides are tryin to find a rock to support the ropes!

sarah went 1st and fell twice but didnt hurt herself...turns out the rope was good support after all..then it was andreas turn..they all got soaked...sascha flew down and then it was mise!it was hard to move the ropes and harder than i thought..cos although i knew i was gonna get wet..i really didnt want to.jeje...

we headed to the next waterfall which had so much more water and was a lot bigger drop..and when i asked it if was dangerous..the guide laughed and said not really and the other one said he would do it no bother wit some rum!!!talk about craziness..we would have drowned wit all that water coming down on us so we decided against it and just headed back to the other waterfall was good fun.would like to do it again but wit more experienced guides me think...ha

didnt do much else for the the bus at 9.30pm to service..nice eh!