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got the night bus to cordoba...wouldnt say that it was exactly up to standard wit argentinian buses though cos niamh got soaked cos the window beside her was leaking, our bags got saturated and my sit wouldnt go back properly...didnt have the same ring to it as via bariloche..nevertheless we got to cordoba in 1 piece.

got the taxi to the hostel...and took a walk around the has such a cool feel to it..and it has so much to offer..think itīs cos it is a huge university town...i could see us comin back here to live for a has a gym too.yey!we will see..

we went to the old university to feel like students again...then went out for a meal in the evening...plan is to do a sky dive 2moro...lookin forward to it but scared pooless...

the hostel is party central so dunno how well we are gonna sleep....not a worry really though.ha