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easter sunday today so we have our easter eggs (milka yum!)...

we headed to the beach and stayed there until 5.i think itīs 30degrees today!so nice out..the sand still continued to blow in our faces though!ha.we couldnt give up a day like this though so we stuck it out..

headed to mass for a seat this time but i have to admit that i was pretty lost with the sermon but it was good to get mass today. we headed out for food a buffet 3 course meal for 5euro and the wine added the most part to the bill.was bout 10 in total..not bad eh!? we headed back for our dessert of easter eggs and watched some tv before conking out.i took this weekend off exercise.sure why not?!ha...last 2 weeks here so itīs gonna be every day from here on in..need to sort out this fitness!