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had a bit of a lie in this morning...

late breakfast for all. we then headed into the town.there are 2 parts to cartagena. the touristy beach and the historical part.the touristy part has so many high rise buildings and the other one is really really pretty wit the cobbled streets and the horse and carts lining the so nice. we got our apartment sorted out for xmas day and stephen´s we are stayin somewhere nice for christmas.very happy about that and we got a good price too which is even better. at least we have that sorted.

we spent the evening walkin around the old town and got to see nice churches and nice places..being a bit touristy.this place is so touristy but they are all colombian tourists so no europeans or americans around.cant imagine what christmas will be like..mind u it is comin close now.

we had a drink but no goin out 2nite.decided to keep it until 2moro.gonna go out then.just chatted wit the rest in the hostel.we´ve moved into a room for 4 now so have a bit more space but only 2 showers to share wit 25 ppl.not so much fun now!!!