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up at 6.50 to have a swim..i was determined to get up...cos i am really missing my exercise isnt very healthy for my mentality either.haha... swam in the hotel pool all by myself...was just like heaven....stayed till 7.30 cos we were meeting for breakie at 8...we were goin to tikal today... we left for tikal at 10 in the morning...tikal is another mayan ruin but is one of the 7 marvels of the was extremely hot at the start but then it rained and it was so fresh....we climbed most of the ruins..the tallest one being 125 metres...not particularly high but a hike all the same. tikal is completely surrounded by jungle...apparently there are jaguars, snakes and scorpions in the jungle and they could come out at any time...unfortunately they didnt come.i was nearly willing them out but they werent listening to me...jejeje... got back to flores in the evening..had some food...and we aint doin much else today...hope to get another swim in 2moro but not sure how that will work out...niamh needs exercise...jeje