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no bikes today..we have opted for some walking...when we left the house this morning it was so hot outside...the heat was unbearable...we walked about 5 km to the caves at palenque which was miniture compared to the non turistic cave we were at 2 days was good to see where the 1st cubans lived however...from there we went to cueva del indio but we didnt bother goin in cos we had been to 2 caves already,..just went to the vinales river instead.... we took a bus to a hotel which showed a great view of the town of ailise took some good pics there.haha...

it was an easy day...the bus was full of seems that irish ppl like to visit cuba..

tonight we are just relaxing cos 2 girls are unable to go out in cuba...

just had dinner here...chicken an amazing cook this woman is!!!