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we took the flight at 7am to el calafate so we were up at 5am...didnt get to bed until 2am so u can imagine how tired everyone was.mam was a bit more sensible and got to bed a bit earlier. the flight was 3 hours but lan was a much better airline and we got to watch some tv and got some food.

we arrived in el calafate at midday and the taxi driver told us we were extremely lucky cos the weather was really really nice even though it was quite chilly..the sky was pure blue.

we walked around the town itself and came upon a tour that brought us around el calafate in a huge truck..we decided to do was the only way we were gonna do something cos otherwise we would have been in bed...the tour was good fun and the scenery was really really was 3 hours long so we got back at about 6pm.mam headed home and we headed out for some dinner.i was almost sick wit exhaustion and we had to share a 4 bedroom dorm so it was interesting to do that wit the mammies..used to their home comforts.we went to bed at about 10.we had to be up to go to the glacier for 6am!!!these early mornings are tough!