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arrived in puerto escondido....after 12 hours on a was horrible...i couldnt sleep so i spent the 12 hours moving from side to side on my chair...we arrived at 9am to a scorching sun and decided to head straight to the was a little remote beach next to our accommodation...such a small beach with little waves for ´beginner´surfing..we decided to take it easy on our first day and take no surf classes...we just sunbathed.

the accommodation was a bit of a shock when we found the shower and toilet and bedroom all in one...however it seems to be a common thing here...bit of a culture shock.let me remind u that we cant put toilet paper in the no 2s filter.haha

met a nice swiss girl and german guy who came wit us on the met them for the evening...but niamhy wasnt feeling well so we headed home at 9 to go to bed...snore bore indeed...think the tap water has upset me stomach.

we arrived home at 9 to find there was no electricity in the room...not one of the best days we ever had---but i guess we´re travelling so we can excuse these things...