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very boring day today..travelled all through the night and got to trujillo at 6.50am..we were told that it was just 2 hours from there to wrong was that guy!we had to get another bus which was 5 hours to the next town of chiclayo and from there to piura which was another 4 hours..scenery wasnt too nice either so we were just entertained by films.strange ones too at that..only in south america!

when we got to piura..we had to take a 3 hour minibus to get to mancora..there was no heatin so the sweat was dripping off us...but we got to the beach after 20 hours...and on first inspection our hostel didnt look too good.but it was brand new...wit a pool and a pool bar so we couldnt complain i guess.

we got there near 8 so we just got some food and were too tired to do anything else.