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up at 10.30 this morning to get my last surf lesson.very sad times..haha..i am the only one doing it now. i just like it more than the others and money is a slight problem too.

the waves werent as big as usual but the current was very strong so we werent able to get very far out. i was able to get up on the wave and turn both left and right.the instructor was pleased wit me so i guess that is good news. Had the lesson wit a guy from colorado and a girl from LA. They were both really nice.

Have my bag packed and am gettin ready to leave jaco now.the time has gone by so fast. I cant believe that my time in central america is now over. i wouldnt have spent it any other way.lets just hope that things get far so good eh.

heading back to san jose 2moro for last night in costa rica.have a flight at 6am on friday will be a long day but it is ok cos i am goin skiing..wahoo......