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decided that i was gonna go and meet the girls in sao paolo...was gonna go back to meet people in BA but it would have been too much extra hassle so i headed to the bus terminal to see if i could get a ticket or not..they had ones leaving on sat night for 118 euro and a 30 hour trip in total so i went for it...then headed to book the same hostel as the i am gonna see them on sunday night... went for a full day on the beach many more ppl around now so beach is a lot more crowded but it is the weekend so it makes likin this alone time right now.gettin to have time to think by myself. was on the beach until 6 and then headed for my run at 7...i was exhausted when i started but then i got a momentum goin and ended up pushing myself to 13km in 70 mins...was pretty happy wit that...felt good to be able to do that.wanna do a marathon now or something. headed to the cinema by myself tonight.1st time i ever did that...haha.strange.but went to see a good film..milk about the gay movement in san fran.good back to the was empty so i just packed my stuff and was in bed for 2.