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left flores at 7 this morning to go to ixpanpajul. 6 was just too early for me to go and get a swim so i gave myself the extra time in bed. we went on a nature trail in the jungle. It wasnt extremely exciting but we did get to see a beaver and a snake along the way and it was good exercise too so i was happy...

the 2nd part of the tour was horseriding but i decided not to opt for that riding just doesnt really attract me all that much. the horses are too skinny for my fat bum..haha... instead i stayed wit sarah and we went on our own adventure..we went to see a monkey which was separated from us by just a small river. it wasnt interested in our presence though. we went to see some donkeys and ducks. the donkey was gone a bit insane cos it was kept in a tiny little field...insanity had hit him. it was good fun though.

we left the park at midday and spent 8 hours on the bus home.we had our own minibus with our own movies so it was quite enjoyable.saw the movie ´the kingdom´...about terrorists...would recommend it to anyone..brilliant film...

got home at 10pm...time for bed!!