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up at 6 this am to be collected to go mini trekking on the glacier.this is something that i have been waiting for on the whole trip...very excited.

so we had a quick breakie and got the lunches ready for the trip.we were collected and had to drive for 2 hours until we got to the port to get on the boat which brought us to perrito moreno(name of the glacier). myself and andrea have learned the art of conkin out as soon as we get onto a we slept for most of the bus journey and we got onto the was absolutely freezing out but we were prepared for this. the boat trip took about half an hour and it brought us quite close to the glacier..there was a rainbow so it was extra pretty at this stage in the was just WOW!!!so huge and so impressive..

after the 30 min boat trip we then got into groups and were brought by the guides onto the glacier itself. we were told a bit about the history of the glacier and then we put on the crampons and started to walk on the glacier..mam warned me to stay behind with her and not to be running i did as i was told and she started running away on me..typical!ha...everyone was nervous at 1st with this new sensation of walking on a glacier but we got used to it.we were walkin up and down and sideways and over was so much down fall was that it rained the whole time we were on the glacier but that made the pit stop for some scottish whisky in the valley of the scots(named by the guides)!the 2 mams knocked it back while myself and andrea struggled to swallow so they finished it for us!!!!we walked for another 10 mins or so right to the edge of the glacier..we took the best pics there.we headed back for some lunch and were drenched and cold at this stage and had to wait for another hour before the boat came. this time we went closer to the glacier..u could see the pure blueness in the looked so deadly...

from there we were brought to the balconies where we could see the north of the glacier and its vastness. we had an hour to walk around so we just went to 2 stops cos we were cold and wet but still wanted to see some of it.we got to see some of the ice falling off into the water...the noise was immense...i was determined to get a picture of it and did at the last minute!a lot of the ice was falling into the so good to see!!we headed back to the hostel at about 6ish..a long day but one of my favourites of the definitely is one of the highlights..i was not disappointed. we got to go into private rooms 2nite(the mams were delighted!!!) so we had a shower and then went out for a lovely meal...we were all starving after the day but we all had a great day so everyone was to el chalten 2moro.ANOTHER EARLY MORNING!!!