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we are back to a party hostel again so i didnt sleep at all last night and it was actually cold in the rooms..dont know how that makes sense when it is 31degrees plan was to go for a run in the morning but i just codnt get myself out of bed at 7.30. got up a bit later..took a walk around is that was done in about 30 mins!

we sunbathed after lunch for a bit and then i went for my run near to 5...i followed a guy who looked in very good shape and not cos he was good lookin but i wanted to do his distance run and i did so although i was wrecked ...i was a happy camper.

it was a full moon party in 1 of the hostels so we had a few drinks but we didnt go as mad as the others in the hostel..we were like 40 year olds watchin them instead..but it was entertaining all the same!stayed up till 12..had some nice cocktails so they sent me off to sleep in mins!