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we took the bus this morning at 8am to go to el chalten (the trekking capital of argentina). you would know that only tourists take this route cos the bus stopped after 1 hour and a half for a pit stop and some coffee and they stopped again before arriving into the town to take some pictures of the fitzroy mountains...we were lucky wit the weather again cos we had clear blue skies so the pictures we took were the best of the whole trip in el chalten.

bus took 4 hours so we arrived at midday and we made our way to the guesthouse.we had a lot of trouble actually gettin somewhere to stay so in the end we find a nice place at the end of the town...i think mam and paula got a big shock when they saw the outside of the guesthouse-the garden was completely overgrown and the pink building looked like it hadnt been painted in at least 20 years!!!so we were all a bit apprehensive walking in the door but it all turned out perfect.inside was a different story and the owners were lovely so we all felt a lot better. 

we went for some lunch and then headed back to the guesthouse to watch the rugby game...ireland v scotland. we had been in contact wit the owners beforehand asking if we could watch the game so we watched it in their place!great stuff and even better that IRELAND won..1 step away from the trophy.great stuff!we were all chuffed except mam who was indifferent cos she didnt even watch the game..the bookworm herself read her book instead..that is loyalty for ya!haha.

in the evening we took a little mini trek to try to see some condors.. there was quite an incline to get to the top and i think mam got a fright cos she felt tired after this 1km walk and we were doin 24 tomorrow..

we got some great pics from the top but we got to see no condors or eagles!!!never mind.

we went to a german beerhouse for dinner but none of us were particularly hungry so it was more a snack and a drink before bed.a big trek ahead 2moro!!!