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plan was to go surfing today with sascha..we got up early..sascha had a sore stomach from the glad i only had 2!ha...we got to the surf shop for 9 and they told us that it was low tide so they codnt go out..stupid dopes would have known that the day before..i could have had a run instead!

the waves look quite small so i decided to save my money and not go surfin here..i will get another chance in ecuador and in brazil...this is a world famous surfin area but there is only a small area to surf and about a 100 surfers all together tryin to catch waves..slight exaggeration but u get the picture.haha

we lay by the pool and did little else..i did my run again in the evening and felt like new...i dunno what it is that exercise does to me but still.

we had a great dinner in the hostel (the food is soooooo good here) even though i know what the consequences will be after i eat. we took it easy for the evening..there was beer poker in the u can guess i didnt opt for that cos i have no clue how to play poker but anyways.