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best border crossing in my whole trip..they took our passports when we checked in and got all the stamps for us..however had i known that...i would not have tried to stay awake until we made it the border at about 4am...i slept in my contacts cos usually we need to get off the bus...not too happy about that but at least i didnt have to get off the bus... comfy chairs but the person sittin beside me was a bit of a knacker...nose pierced and filthy clothes..i kept a hold on my terrible is that!!!! so the bus journey turned out to be 34 hours wit the hour difference and the traffic jams that we met along the way.but we had plenty of stops so i got to walk around a bit.arrived in sao paolo at 6am...exhausted slightly..haha...paid extra for a safe taxi and got straight to the door of the hostel cos as u know sao paolo is an extremely dangerous place..felt it as soon as i got back wit the girls right now though..will speak to them in the morning...or a few hours should i say