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got up just before 4 for my last day in columbia...i have to put on jeans today and shoes!!!1st time in months that ive had to do that...nuts!i sweltered in the heat after my shower..the girls got up too and brought me to the airport...i was all sad saying goodbye to them too.this is the 1st time that i have been somewhere on my own..let us see what will happen!

it was a very stressful day the 1st flight at 6 from cartagena to bogota..quick hour and a half.then came the worst part of now knowing whether i was gonna get on the flight to atlanta cos i was on i waited in the q in BOOTS which i havent worn in 8 my legs were aching by the time i made it to the check in desk just in time to get onto the flight..and yes..i got to fly 1st class......soooo nice!!!they called me MISS DOGGETT...i nearly thought they werent talkin to me was so formal...

so got to atlanta at about 4pm and had to wait until 7 to get the next flight to denver...and then the next flight to phoenix...arrived in the airport at 11.30..absolutely cock was 1am columbian time...4 flights in 1 day was really tough...but im now in the United States..