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as always we ended up bringin the rain wit us.what a day we had ahead of us.we decided to take on the hard trek 1st which was due to be 5hours there and 3 hours guides are needed on these treks so we brought the map, our lunch, our rain gear and off we went.

it was only spitting when we started so we thought it would clear up.the 1st part was very inclined so we took it nice and slow cos it was raining too so it was a bit slippy.mam lead the pack, then paula wit her poncho, and then andrea and myself.we let them dictate the pace but again mam went running!!!we walked for about 3 and a half hours and the rain did not actually got heavier and it was cloudy and we couldnt see anything which kinda defeated the whole purpose.we had been sheltered for the initial 2hours and then we reached the open air..where the rain stung our faces and the wind was so strong it was almost pushing us over.not only that-it was no more than 5degrees...and the rain jacket that i paid 200euro for was no longer waterproof.we were 1 hour and 45 mins away from the end and we just couldnt take anymore so we decided to go back.even if we had made it we would have seen nothing( im trying to justify not finishing something!!haah). we could only was that or cry. i was in pain walkin back i was so wet..i walked like someone who had wet their pants about 10 times...but i was like a zombie that knew we had another 3 hour walk back. we DID eventually make it back but i wouldnt say we were in 1 piece...the shower wasnt the best so we had a trickle of hot water to get the blood circulating again. we had to stay inside until about 9pm cos it never stopped raining but the TV was our saviour. Mam went in to read her book(again) and andrea watched 1 film and then headed for a siesta. Paula and 1 (the hardcores) watched almost 3 films in a row and let me add we were sitting on normal chairs so there were numb bums all round. come 9 everyone was starving so we headed across the road to a restuarant where we got steak and it was one of the nicest steaks ive ever had in my life.not just cos i was starving but the steak literally fell apart in my was so so tasty....every1 enjoyed their meals so we went to bed happy campers.we were gonna trek again 2moro if it wasnt raining and if mam was feelin up to it.she hurt her knee in the process of getting back to the guesthouse from our eventful trek. despite all the was great fun and thinking back on it now that we are dry is even funnier!!!