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up at 7.30 for my run..i finally got to go in the was so much hotter but it didnt have the huge breeze making it so hard. have been doing 40 minute runs..on soft sand so the fitness is still there but the toned body is no more..haha..ill get it back though.

we all did some form of exercise in the morning....and then had a lie around in the afternoon..i decided to go for another run before we went partying..2 runs in one day and some stretches..can u sense the excitement when i write this!!!haa

we got ready for dinner and then took to a few drinks...we were the most sober there...but 4 shots in a row didnt help any of us!however..can u picture the drunkeness of these ppl!! guy fell over the bar and hit his head off the ground, another fell into the pool, another 2 dancing together lost control and hit their heads off the bar and one of the irish guys came to sit beside me but completely missed the chair and fell on the ground!he was sent to bed but kept gettin out of bed so they had to tie rocks to his feet on the bed so heŽd stay there.havent seen anything like it in we were sober judges compared to them.we didnt leave the was enuf entertainment there..but as soon as i hit the pillow i was conked!!!