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last night we decided to go to see mamma mia..ah wow..i loved it.such a nice film and great fun...i think it is more of a chick flick though.we went quite early wit 2 other girls from the hostel..liz and kelly who had seen it twice already but really liked it so went again..haha

we headed back to the hostel afterwards and the girls had some irish guy came and joined us and my god..what a mentaler..he told us some of his of his stories was about how he jumped through a bar window and had to get 78 stitches and it was all done for a was so obvious that he was off his head on drugs so i headed to bed..was awake until 3.30 listening to them though...found out today that the guy actually peed himself before goin to bed..feel quite sorry for him after all..the nutjob from ennis in clare!!!!

got up and went lookin for tickets to salta today.we got some for 9pm we got out dvds copied and just walked around cordoba for the last time.have a 12 hour bus journey now to salta..lookin forward to goin there.think we will stay there for about 2 weeks...i hope to get a game of golf there too..yeah!