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up nice and early to buy our bus tickets to is a bank holiday over here so everything is busy...we headed there at about 9 and luckily got a space...80dollars for a 19 hour bus journey.not bad eh...

spent the afternoon walkin around buenos aires...there is such a cool feel to the that i know im gonna be living there for a few months..i am really lookin forward to it and cant wait till mam and dad get to see it too.

got the bus at 4.30..when they say that these buses are out of this world..they really are...we had seats that were comfier than beds and they go right back..we had feet supports too and a tv in front of us.we got a snack,dinner,champagne,wine, whiskey and then breakie the next day..the 19 hours were so fast..really didnt feel like it.