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good start this was quite nice outside and it WASNT raining so we were ready to take on the easier trek. easier in the sense that it was supposed to take a shorter time but it was still 22km in total. we climbed a bit and then descended abit .the mammies found it harder to descend than to ascend but that is to do with the knees i guess. we got to a viewpoint after about 2 hours where we could see laguna torre and the glacier but it was still a little bit cloudy so we couldnt see mount fitzroy. it was still cold but there was no rain so in that sense it was perfect for trekking. we saw a lot of professional trekkers who would go ice climbing too..not on this trip unfortunately:-(

we walked for another 2 hours and finally got to the laguna but myself and andrea were a little disappointed.the lake wasnt a nice colour but the glacier was really impressive (We have been spoiled in Bolivia so we have our expectations set too high) but it was still nice and the glacier in between the mountain range was very pretty. we were however not as prepared as the previous day cos we brought no lunch wit us but paula surprised us nicely when we got to the end with some chocolate and biscuits.what a life saver!!!!thanks paula! so we had a little snack and took a toilet break in a portaloo which was just a hole in the ground. the picture andrea took of paula tells it all...very funny!!!

so we headed back and got back after a total of 6 and a half hours but we did our 22km for sure and everyone felt it. the mammies said goodbye to their sticks which helped them through the last 2 days.we went for some food and everyone ached as soon as we tried to get back up but we realised that in the last 2 days we had trekked 40km so everyone was very chuffed..the mams were role models.i hope to be like them when im their age. we took showers and rested a bit before where was open for food on the monday so we had to make door wit hostel food in a place across the road but it did the job.we were all in bed by 9.30!!!exhausted!!!