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got my things ready quite late last night considering we had to be up so early this moring..start of the inca trail...we got up at 5 and were in the plaza for half 5....we got on the bus and then had to wait for another group that were goin on the bus wit us...surprise surprise there were 14 irish between the ages of 40 and 60..all from kerry..we knew we were in for it.haha.. our group on the other hand consisted of just 4, a dutch couple, an english couple and an american guy... none of us were feeling 100% but we still sampled the breakie at our stop off.wasnt anything very tasty but filled a gap.we bought our wooden sticks and got a stash of chocolate to keep us goin on the 1st day..considering we were afraid to eat anything else. the bus journey took 3 hours in total and we arrived at the beginning of the inca trail at 8ish....we got our passports stamped and walked through the starting point..all ready for it...1st day we were told to be quite easy so we werent too scared...however the 1st part was a steep scared us a bit but it was all quite flat afterwards... we stopped every few minutes for a break so nothing was too strenous..we had lunch after about 2 hours..very tasty and lots of it... for about 3 hours we walked a flat path..crossing the irish group the whole time..and gettin to know the rest of ours.. the last 100m before reaching the campsite was straight uphill and was to give us a taster of what was to come 2moro..we were all out of breath when we arrived.. our porters had everything set up for us(you should see what they carry and they run by as though it is easy...25kgs on their backs and they are only about 5 feet tall)...we had afternoon tea and some popcorn..very exciting..this was before dinner!!! it got dark at about 6...we had dinner and headed to bed for felt like the middle of the night... myself and niamh shared a tent and the other 2 were in another one beside was quite cold this stage we were at about 2800m..we had a 900m climb we fell asleep quite quickly-1st day was great fun...pains in my stomach were practically gone...