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blue skies so we got to the beach again today...bit breezy but still really nice.stayed on the beach for about 2 hours..then sun went so we headed back to the apartment. andrea headed for her run in the evening...then we took the bus out to play was still quite warm so i was boiled runnin around...we won again!unbeaten yet..well impressed wit that!

sergio collected us from the pitch and we collected blas on the way back to the apartment.plan was all messed cos both the lads had different ideas. in the end we got changed.had some drinks and then headed for some food in a restaurant where they brew their own beer.we had some honey beer and then a platter of cheeses, meats etc...really delicious and the place was packed.

we got back to ours at about 1 and the lads came back in for abit.we played some new games and then hit the hay at 4...plan was to go to a nightclub but the others didnt wanna head out.was great fun all the same!