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we arrived at 12 in bariloche and we didnt realise that it was gonna be so cold.we a taxi to a hostel and then headed out to buy some clothes to warm us up.the extreme temperature change was a bit too much for us.we were actually in pain from the cold.bariloche is so beautiful though.

we got a bus up to cerre cathedral to the ski look for accom.everything was booked out or way too expensive...we were all a little disappointed in the we decided to just ski for 3 days and myself and andrea are gonna stay up in the resort..dont fancy gettin a bus up every day.think it takes away from the does mean that we are gonna spend a bit more money though..oopsy.i gotta look after the money situation a bit better.but i will after my bday.haha

we got back to the hostel at 10pm and chatted to our roommate from peru.he talked way too much...haha

we had an early shower and then headed to bed..needed to sort out skiing...