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so paddy´s day finally arrived. we were up at 6.30 to leave el chalten back to el calafate...bus at 7.30 and we got back to el calafate at 11 and it was alot warmer than in el chalten..what made it even better was that we were goin back to a 4 star hotel!!!we checked in and had showers before goin to lunch to start celebarting paddy´s day!!! we found a bar/cafe wit a guinness sign outside so that was a good start. how and ever it was not an irish pub!!1 person wished us a happy paddys day when they saw us dressed in green but the rest didnt even really know it was paddy´s day.understandable when u are in southern argentina but anyhow.

we had a nice lunch and an irish coffee while mam had a brandy which set her off!!!!haha.after lunch we tried lookin for a place that was celebrating paddys day but to no avail. we did a bit of shopping for home and went for another small drink. mam suggested goin down to the 5 star hotel wit the golf course cos she claimed to have an affinity towards golf glad we went though cos they were actually celebrating paddys day there. we sat out and had a bottle of wine between us and signed up for the paddys night meal and music...we wouldnt be able to celebrate it anywhere else...and we were the only irish so we got the special treatment too. they made a stew for dinner..a great effort to make it like the one at was really tasty. they went to such effort decorating the place. the live music started at 11 and we were all shocked by how good the band was..we only planned to stay for half an hour cos the host asked us to but in the end we found it hard to leave...actually leaving the place at 2am...the band were absolutely brilliant (mam didnt like it though-not her style so she went home earlier)..the music was not typically irish but they definitely kept us entertained!!!we begrudingly left to go home cos we had a flight back to buenos aires the next day...we had a really great night though!!