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got one last walk on the beach before the bus journey...leaving to go to quito,ecuador this afternoon..

we took the bus at 1.30pm and got to the border 2 hours later...we heard back things about this border so we were all a bit afraid of the idea of goin...we got to the border and exit of peru..then drove for another bit onto the border to ecuador..there was no problems at all but we just about made our connecting bus across the border..16 hours on the wasnt comfortable either and the ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner wasnt the most exciting meal ever!glad to be leavin peruvian food behind all the same...

we had 2 stops on the way where we had to get out of the bus and the army_civil guards checked the buses for drugs and all our bags too..i wasnt particularly impressed when they did it at 12.30am...feckers!

we got to quito at 5.30..not too impressed wit the capital but then again we never are..stupid capitals!