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up at 5.00 this morning..breakie was at 5.30 and we had started our trekking by 6...i had an urge for the toilet but if u saw the state of these toilets it would make ur stomach turn..i took an immodium and shook of the need..the toilets were the worst i have ever seen on my travels so far..turns out some of these irish couldnt handle the altitude or the food and the hole in the ground toilets made it quite difficult for them to hide it..enough said!haha... we started our climb to go to dead woman´s pass which is meant to be the hardest part of the whole was uphill for a constant 900m...we did the 1st 300m before a break..we took on a fast pace and passed out a whole lot of felt good.haha..we took a breather and then headed up another 200m..that took us far less than the guide expected..we were rising so u could feel the altitude a bit more..but that didnt stop us..being determined and competitive ya know.haha we got to the last 400m and headed off at different times....our group broke up and we ended up being one by one at our own the start we all went quick..then the higher we went the tougher it got..the incas didnt build their steps very well so u can imagine how uneven and steep they dont do it justice..i got to the top 2nd..the american (andy) used to be a professional tennis player and he practically ran up the thing..i didnt mind being second best to him.haha... our guide told us it would take 1hour and a half to get up there..he got there in 40 mins..i got there in 45 mins..i nearly fell on the ground when i got to the top of dead womans pass(it isnt called dead womans pass cos women died there but rather cos the mountain is in the shape of a woman)..the name initially scared us felt good at the same really was a challenge though and everyone got up in the right was cold up there..the next part was a 400m drop...i thought it would be easier to go down but u just end up using different muscles and it is more awkward on the knees and easy to one did though... we stopped off for lunch after the 400m legs were aching and we had another 300m climb after..i wasnt lookin forward to that!!!...we headed off at 2 after a big lunch but the guide was in front this time so he slowed down our pace until the last bit...then we went running off comin in second again!haha..i make it sound like a race but it wasnt...still feels good to push yourself though. the last part was another 300 drop before reaching our camp site but we stopped off at an archaelogical sight first...there were mosquitos all over the ruins so i didnt listen to the guide much.haha we reached the campsite at about 5..and it literally started to rain the minute we got to the tent..we were blessed wit luck!the irish didnt arrive for another hour after that and got it helped that we walked alot faster... we played some cards and had some special macchu tea..mixed wit rum to send us off to sleep.. it was really freezing in the tents..i knew it was gonna be tough to sleep...