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had a terrible sleep.the peruvian guy snored and was so drunk when him and his friends came in at 5am...but the bed was nice and warm so i didnt complain too much.

got up and had breakie..then went and rented our gear for skiing .we are startin 2moro.i got the cooliest ski trousers but now i look like i am goin snowboardin and not skiing.haha...

we headed up the slopes to get our ski pass and myself and andrea went to look for accom.

we walked around for about 2 hours and the cheapest and best we found was a hostel for 30euro a night.not bad when u are at the bottom of the slopes..but the girls arent even payin 10.hehehe...

we got back at about 5..we went lookin for something to do for my bday.think we have found something...goin to go paragliding over the mountains i think..all weather permitting of course but not a bad thing to do eh...

we headed to the chocolate factory to try out the famous bariloche chocolates...very very tasty..but now i feel a bit sick..overindulged me thinks.haha

so 2moro we are off to the mountains to get our skiing in.i really cant wait to go.thinkin of not gettin insurance i mad?hehehe