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up at 8 (feeling a little tired but we only had 4 drinks so it was just tiredness more than anything). we had breakie and headed to the aiport at 9.flight at 11...paula and mam have both become scared of flying now so we tried to keep them calm. we flew down to ushuia from el calafate which is the most southern city in the world and had to wait there for an hour before flying back up to buenos made the flight all the more longer but they dont organise these things too well in argentina so we couldnt do anything about it.

we got back to BA that evening at 6 and decided to go back to the restaurant that we went to before Evita (a whole 2 weeks ago). we had a lovely meal and got back to the hostel at 10.we had a little drink (nightcap as paula calls it) and then headed to bed. last day wit the mammy´s 2moro...we are gonna shop for home...not my ideal day but that has to be done too i guess.