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i slept very badly..inside the sleeping bag was so warm but my face was frozen in the tent..we were up at 6 and headed off at 7..the hardest day was over and there was a lot of downhill to go....the first part was a slight incline but after what we did yesterday it was practically flat..1st day was 14km, yesterday was was only 9 and we were goin through the jungle..we were lookin for some snakes and spiders but all we saw were orchids...they are 362 different kinds of orchids in the u can guess it didnt really interest me all that much!haha... our legs were all tight from yesterday but we thought they would be worse... still no rain...our guide raced us down a few sections of the downhill..he had 16km on his back but none of us were able to keep up wit him... we trekked for about 3 hours before stopping off for lunch..they just loved giving us food the whole time..i guess we needed energy but we were all gettin sick of strange soups ...corn soup, lentil soup and whatever else they could find..all healthy though... today we were apparently havin a little disco..haha.the campsite was a bit more user friendly..we got to the campsite close to 1 and could have a SHOWER!!!first time in 3 days..and we all smelled..we all had 8 mins each..haha...comical! after lunch we went to another archaelogical ruins from the incas..they loved their steps!!!we were beginning to hate them now.haha we had a siesta for 2 hours and then had dinner..we played more cards and had some more drinks..the wine went down well.but come 10 after we had said goodbye to our porters..everyone was ready for bed...coleman and myself werent tired so we had a bit of a joke wit andy in the tent before conking out.machu picchu was 2moro.we were up at 3.50!