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the place is so different now..season is over so it is quite dead about the had a good night sleep last night. boca are playing river today so ppl are waiting for this game all season.

we planned to go shopping today but sunday being sunday meant that everything was closed.we found 1 or 2 shops but it will have to be postponed until 2moro i think. i went for a short run and the lads collected us at 6.we went to casa de te where i had an irish coffee and cake..the others tried was set in the middle of a little forrest and had a lovely atmosphere about it.itīs in the north of the city so very out secluded.after that we went to sergioīs place for dinner.he made homemade pizza and it was delicious.we sat wit the family for the evening.was a really cultural evening..their grandmother is 89years old and is so wit it...a fully argentinian of the nicest nights here actually.

we got home at about 1!exhausted from all the spanish speaking..argentinians are lovely ppl!